Notary Services

1FLANOTARY is the imprint of I DO Weddings by Sheri for non-wedding notary services.

If you need to get notarization for:

  1. Divorce forms

  2. Deeds/ Loan signings/ Quit Claim Deeds

  3. POA / Medical POA

  4. Family Law Documents: i.e.: Petitions, Modifications, etc.

  5. Trusts and Wills

  6. Other documents, Oaths, etc.

All forms must be legal US forms and in English. They must be prepared by computer, typewriter, or electronic device. Handwritten documents or statements will not be accepted. The forms must be completed. Please do not sign the documents before meeting with me in person. Please utilize the help of a paralegal, or attorney if necessary. I cannot give you legal advice. I cannot notarize documents if you are not in my physical presence.

  • If you need me to print the documents for you it will be a minimum of $0.20 per page

  • Commonly it is a minimum of $10 per signature that needs to be notarized

  • Travel Fees start at $30 (if you are in or around Orlando)

  • Meet me at my East Orlando Office by appointment for $30 plus the cost of each signature Monday through Friday 9:45 to 3:45

  • Deeds/Loan signings are $269 (please have the mortgage company or title company tag the pages that need signatures to make the process easier and quicker.) If the pages are not pre-indexed then it will be $300. This type of signing usually takes one to two hours.

  • Payment is accepted by credit cards invoiced through PayPal, Zelle, CashApp, or in Cash.